"We Clean and You Shine"
Come in and enjoy our freshly brewed coffee, or Froster's cold
beverages.  We offer specials on all our products and provide a friendly
staff to serve you.
Circle K means convenience.
Try our IPA and craft beers
as well as our wide
variety of wines
to bring home for dinner!
Enjoy Freal Milk Shakes. and
smoothies. Just pick the
flavor, place cup in the
machine and presto a
delicious milkshake or
smoothie ready to go!
Our Polar Pop Soda
Machine has 20 flavors
to choose from for .89
Circle K has great lunch
specials, hot dogs - 2 for
$2.79, mix and match with
corn dogsand toronados.
burritos, tamales, deli
snacks and sandwiches to
choose from.
We offer a large variety of
health food snacks and
specialty drinks. We are not
your average convenience
store.  Stop by and see for
yourself the great choices we
have to offer!
Fresh deli snacks,
burritos, tamales and
sandwiches to choose from